Quick Hit: Kyle Slavin

Quick Hit: Kyle Slavin

Here is a quick look at Chatfield tight end Kyle Slavin of Littleton, Colorado.

Chatfield tight end Kyle Slavin recently received a surprise offer to play for the Syracuse Orangemen. Over the past two years, playing for the Chargers, Slavin has become one of the best pass catching tight ends in Colorado.  Over his two year period as a starter, Slavin has caught 53 balls and averaged thirteen yards a reception. Recently, PrepColorado had a few minutes to look at Slavin's game and here is our quick take.

First, Slavin is a hands catcher, the ball rarely, if ever gets into his body.  He is not a cradler, so the chances of drops are minimized.  This ability allows Slavin to make catches in traffic and come down with the ball.  Due to this, his quarterback feels comfortable throwing to Slavin in tight coverage and Slavin rewards him with catches.  While running routes, which he does relatively well for a big kid, Slavin shows the ability to adjust to the ball while it is in the air.

Second, right at 6-5, Slavin is big and has the frame to get bigger.  A college weight program and a redshirt season could see Slavin in the 245 to 250 range by his sophomore season.  Although not a speedster, Slavin is very good getting additional yards after the catch and often it takes multiple defenders to bring him down. 

Third, in the Chatfield spread offense Slavin lines up all over the place.  Lining up on the line of scrimmage, in the slot or split wide, Slavin is comfortable and creates passing opportunities for his squad.

Finally, Slavin's two negatives will be addressed not only his senior season, but in college.  He needs to become a better form blocker and play a little more physical at the line a scrimmage.  If he concentrates on his pad level and base he will become a good blocker.  Also, he does not have great speed, but he does show field quickness.  If he can, at some point, get his forty time down, he will become an intriguing offensive weapon.

This upcoming season, Slavin will work, once again, with talented QB Sam Stratton and this duo should connect for many yards for the Chargers.  Keep an eye out, as PrepColorado will be posting Slavin's highlights soon.


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