Nick Kasa Revisited

Nick Kasa Revisited

Nick Kasa of Legacy High School in Broomfield, Colorado is the top prospect in Colorado and one of the top defensive end prospects in the United States. Recently, PrepColorado rolled the tape and took a look at Nick's impressive game.

Currently, Nick Kasa of Legacy High School in Broomfield, Colorado is the top prospect in Colorado and one of the top defensive end prospects in the United States.  Programs such as Florida, Notre Dame, as well as in state Colorado, have all offered, along with many other BCS programs.  It had been a while since I had reviewed Nick's tape so I popped in the DVDs and gave Nick's game a closer look.


First off, Nick's frame is crazy good.  Long, a legit 6-7, with broad shoulders and a great reach, Kasa, who is now over 250 pounds, could easily be 275 pounds  two or three years into his college career.  His current increased size has helped him overcome what was a weakness during his sophomore campaign.  A little light in the britches, Kasa could be run on, but that is no longer the case, thus making him a multi-dimensional defensive end.  His increased overall upper and lower body strength shows as he takes on blockers and offensive tackles.  Another component of his game that has improved with his maturity is patience.  As a younger player, Nick could get hooked or bite on the boot or run fake.  Now, Nick has enough experience and confidence in his speed, to see and diagnose the play, once again helping him to be a more complete and consistent player.


All great players have some aspect of their game that they can work on and Nick is no exception.  As a pass rusher, Nick uses his speed, rips and tries to get past offensive tackles.  Due to his exceptional gifts, this is often enough at the high school level.  It would be helpful to his game if he worked a few more moves and became more comfortable using his hands.  At the next level, a one trick pony gets exposed early.  Two other small adjustments that could put Nick's game over the top would be increased get off and increased motor.  Don't ever doubt Kasa's speed, the big boy can run, but his first two steps could be more explosive.  This is more than likely due to his long frame and is something that can be addressed and improved. When his get off gets faster watch out!!  This may be the old coach in me getting nitpicky, but of the eighty or so plays of Nick's that I watched from last year, there were a few I would have liked him to be more relentless on.  A player of Nick's talents and speed should always be on or near the pile, no matter where it is on the field.


Bottom line, Nick is very deserving of the attention he is getting from colleges across the nation. College coaches should be extra happy in the fact that Nick's game continues to evolve.  As a sophomore, Nick was a pass rush specialist, last year he became an all around defensive end and in his senior campaign he should be dominant on every snap. Recommended Stories

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