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DE Chance Crawford of Fort Collins

Fort Collins head coach, Eric Rice gives us an inside look at his squad as they get ready to take on talented league foe Legacy.

What do you do if your team is 3-2 and if you lose the next game against a tough Legacy squad, you potentially fall out of contention for the league title?  If you are Fort Collins head coach Eric Rice you strap on a set of pads and join the scout team to help your starting offensive line get a feel for what it is like to block Legacy stud DE Nick Kasa.  Recently, coach Rice took some time out from his busy schedule as football coach, teacher and scout team warrior to give us an inside look at the big game against 4-1 #10 ranked Legacy.


Tell us about Legacy?


"Hell of a football team no matter what happened last week, maybe a little bit of arrogance since Legacy usually beats Horizon.  Horizon jumped out early."


"Their offensive and defensive lines are outstanding, they have tough runners and run play action as well as any team we have seen."


"They are a better team than us right now and on paper they have us out manned a little."


"Wayne (Vorhees) and his staff, I have lot of respect for.  Every time we play them it is going to be a battle."


What does it mean to have running back/ corner back Hans Broman back and healthy?


"Hans Broman means the world to us, he plays corner and also touched the ball thirty-two times last game getting him back in the grove.  He is a good leader, kids gravitate toward him.  When he is here we have more offensive threats.  Hans is the fastest player on the team, getting him back means the world to us, he is strong powerful and fast."


Tell us about your junior QB Cody Donaldson?


"Initially Cody had to do more running and throwing, with Hans back that will take pressure off Cody. We are working on his confidence, when he makes a bad throw he will get in a shell, but we want him to make confident passes.  He is doing a good job. The other day he stuck around forty-five minutes after film. He is willing to learn, he has a hunger to get better."



You talked about Legacy's  play in the trenches how do you feel your team matches up?


"In the trenches our starting five on both sides of the ball is strong, powerful and has speed, we feel like we match up.  They are bigger, but we matchup. There may be a  mismatch with Kasa,  he is a stud, big, tall, physical."


Legacy has tremendous balance on offense what will you do to matchup?


"Lock in and read, mix it up and give them different looks and coverages mix it up on defense like they do on offense."


"Chance Crawford will play a little middle linebacker for us, we will see how that works.  If it does not he will go back to defensive end."


Bottom line?


"Our kids will come out and play."


Legacy and Fort Collins square off tonight, PrepColorado will be there to give you a front row seat to the game, so log on and see what happens. Recommended Stories

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